From My Clients
“I can't thank you enough for the unbelievable portrait of our family and for all your hard work. . . . Your
talent is incredible, but what's more incredible is you and how much care you put into the portrait. . . . Thank
you for everything.”  
Andrea Newman, Senior Vice President, Northwest Airlines, Tampa, Florida

"You are gifted by God. It is Spirit that radiates from you and enlightens you to use your paintbrushes with
such sensitivity and awareness of the subjects you paint. Every detail is so accurate a representation of the
subject matter. It is as if you were standing with us in Vermont, looking out on the mountains and the town of
Weston. Our hands, our very demeanor is who we are. It really awes us to realize how much you enter our
beings and reflect back to us who we are. . . . We ask God to grant you many years to continue your work.
You bring great satisfaction to others.”
Gerry and Leonard  Genovese,  CEO of Genovese Drug Stores,
Manhasset, New York

“Just a short note to thank you for the fine work you did on the portrait . . . I am very pleased with it and
received several comments from those in attendance at the NACDS meeting in Palm Springs relative to its
quality.  It was nice 'working' with you in this regard, Bill, and I appreciate your talent and cooperation.”  
“Words cannot express our appreciation for your artistic talent.  Our portrait is so beautiful and we are so
anxious to have it hung in our home.  The reaction from everyone who saw it was the warmth that you were
able to portray.”  
Marilyn and David Maher, Vice Chairman and COO of American Stores, Salt Lake City, Utah

“How can I express my intense gratitude for the treasures that are now hanging up the staircase?  They are
absolutely incredible and anyone that has viewed them gasps in awe!  Bill, I stare at them every night and
smile. . . . They are a gift beyond compare—treasure of treasures.”  
Teri Miller, Strongsville, Ohio

“You captured the likeness of both of us.  You even captured our personalities. . . . When they unveiled the
two portraits last evening, there was a hush among the audience.  Then several hundred people surrounded
the portraits for an even closer look.  Certainly they had a full appreciation of your God-given talent.  Thank
you for your dedication and professionalism.”  
Molly and David Bloom, Chairman and CEO of Shoppers Drug
Mart, Willowdale, Ontario

“I would like to to take this additional opportunity to tell you again how pleased I am with the portrait you did
of me for the WIBC Hall of Fame.  You did a fantastic job, as the resemblance, coloring, etc. are amazingly
accurate.  Especially so, as you had to do so from a 'younger' picture. . . and did 'age' me . . . just enough to
still be flattering!”  
Pearl Keller, Member of the Women's International Bowling Congress Hall of Fame,
Chappaqua, New York

“We have just received the portrait which you painted for us through American Greetings.  It is fabulous!  With
such fine attention to details, it is often hard to realize that this is a painting, not a picture.  So few people
have this much talent—but God chose you!  If we ever [again] need a wonderful portrait artist, we will
certainly give you a call.”  
Bob and Barbara Hannan, CEO of Thrift Drug, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“Lots of smiling faces when your portraits were presented.  [We were] more than pleased and we thank you
for your wonderful work. . . . You did such a wonderful job of removing wrinkles.  We appreciate you work,
great skill, and thank you again.”  
Estelle Futterman, wife of Jack Futterman, Chairman and CEO of
Supermarkets General and Pathmark Stores, Inc., New York City, New York

“What a wonderful gift!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. . . . The portrait is truly Dwaine, showing his
soul through his eyes.  Thank you again.”  
Diane Godfrey, widow of former President and CEO of Trentec
Corp., Cincinnati, Ohio

“Thanks for your beautiful painting of my beautiful wife.  I was surprised and delighted with the likeness.  It is
hanging in our dining room where it has received justified praise and inquiries about the artist. . . . Thanks
again for your excellent work.”  
Dr. Chester Boston, M. D., University Orthopaedic Clinic, Tuscaloosa, Alabama   

“The portrait of Sherry and myself, plus our two dogs, is absolutely fantastic.  Everyone at our meeting
thought it was one of the finest works you have done and I thoroughly agree with them . . .You have a great
talent and we certainly appreciate being able to have such a wonderful painting.”  
Gerald Heller, President and
CEO of May's Drug Stores, Inc., Tulsa, Oklahoma

“Thank you for the absolutely exquisite portrait.  You have outdone yourself!  Your attention to detail is
incredible.  The hands, hair, jewelery, clothes, scenery, everything is perfect!  Words cannot describe our
satisfaction and delight.  We are thrilled and honored to hang our portrait in our home.  A simple thank you
does not even begin to tell you how much we appreciate your time, talent, and friendship.”  
Ellen Levin, wife
of Alan Levin, Chairman, President, and CEO of Happy Harry's, Inc., Montchanin, Delaware

Please note:  The titles listed are those held by my clients at the time I painted their portraits.